Give your old Online Selling Machine

(Your Website)

Internet Complex Sales Machine Image

Sure it’s complicated, and the list is big

Conversion Optimization, Magento, WordPress, YouTube, Landing Pages
Shopify, Google Shopping, Visual Marketing, Payment Gateways, SSL
Mobile Responsive, Hosting, Dedicated Servers, SEO, Nginx, Video, eBay
Product Data, Amazon, Apache, JavaScript, Value Propositions
YouTube, Branding, Local, Blogging, Pinterest, WooCommerce
Bing, MySQL, Google Analytics, PHP, HTTPS, GDPR … and more

Don’t Lose Heart

I guide you through the maze to better profits

Do you want to improve your eCommerce performance? Get more users for your SAAS? Ramp up your conversion rate? Transform your transactions?

Of course you do.

People like you just want to get on with running your business. Time is always short.


Here are the Top 10 reasons to energize your marketing online and give it the love it deserves:

  1. Your competitors do
  2. You make more money
  3. Your customers expect no less
  4. It’s an indispensable sales channel for your company
  5. You make even more money
  6. It provides you with market research
  7. Know more, keep your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled. Be better
  8. If your competition does it better than you – you lose sales
  9. You need a brand, an identity, be human
  10. You continue making even more money

You may have tried all sorts of things and wasted oodles of money trying to increase your bottom line. It’s not easy, but it is worth it.

OK, new competition over the last decade has grown hugely. Now everybody has a website.

But so has the opportunity.

If you’re not a mega-corporation, marketing on the web is all about owning your niche. Being different, being you. Having a personality.

Have a story to tell. Captivate your customers.

Don’t be boring. Everybody has something that commands attention. You must draw it out and squeeze every last drop.


What now? What’s first?

It’s vital to understand your business in detail. This produces the best results. The first thing is to arrange a meeting at your place. Get to know each other and find out about you and your business.

Remember – ‘average’ is barely noticeable

It’s not worth a penny